Special Events

@ Naam Ras 2016

Sri Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple) Exhibition

Immerse yourself in the rich history of Sri Harmandir Sahib, and behold the wonders of the Gurdwara. The exhibition will touch on the “mostly-unknown” facts of Sri Harmandir Sahib, and the spiritual significance of its beautiful architecture.

The Sacred Ganga Sagar on display

A Sacred Relic Gifted to the Rai Family by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

The HiStory of Ganga Sagar

In 1705 Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji went towards Machiwara after leaving The Fort of Anandpur Sahib. His two younger sons Baba Zorawar Singh Ji (9 years) and Baba Fateh Singh Ji (7 years) and his mother Mata Gujri Ji, got separated from him while crossing Sirsa nadi (river) during a dark cold night of December. Guru Sahib lost his two elder sons Baba Ajit Singh Ji (19 years) and Baba Jujhar Singh Ji (15 years) who attained Shaeedi (martyrdom) in the Battle of Chamkaur Sahib. In Machiwara, Ghani Khan and Nabi Khan, two Muslim horse dealers helped Guru Sahib by declaring him "Uchh Da Peer", a very famous Muslim saint from South Punjab, providing him with essential items and carrying him with great honour and respect on a Palki, assisted by a few Sikhs and Muslims so that Guru Sahib leaves the area respectfully. 

In those days of severe hardship, some Rajas refused even to offer help to Guru Sahib due to fear of death as Aurangzeb was after the life of Guru Sahib and his family. When Guru Sahib reached Raikot state, the Muslim Rajput Chief, Rai Kalha welcomed him and felt honored in offering his services to Guru Sahib as his guest for as long as he wanted to stay. Guru Ji spent a few days with Rai Kalha.

  Rai Azizullah Khan with Ganga Sagar

Rai Azizullah Khan with Ganga Sagar

Guru Sahib on reaching Raikot asked Noora Mahi who was grazing Buffaloes in the fields, to serve him milk in Ganga Sagar which was a part of his personal belongings. Noora Mahi said that his buffaloes did not give milk. Guru Sahib told him to utter the name of God and start milking a buffalo. To the surprise and amazement of Noora Mahi, the buffalo gave milk and he collected it in the Ganga Sagar. 

On Guru Sahib's desire Rai Kalha sent his trustworthy servant Noora Mahi to Sirhind, who brought the most tragic news of the martyrdom of Guru Sahib's mother, Mata Gujri Ji and his two minor sons.

Before leaving Raikot, in recognition and in appreciation of the services and hospitality extended by Rai Kalha, a Muslim Chief who risked his and his family's lives, Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji presented Ganga Sagar to Rai Kalha as his personal gifts.

The present custodian of Ganga Sagar is Rai Azizullah Khan (the 9th generation descendant of Rai Kalha III), grandson of Khan Bahadur Rai Inayat Khan and the heir of the Rai family who have kept this sacred gift of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji with great respect and care for more than 300 years.